Baidu Page Rank does not actually exist, as Baidu does not release any ranking measurement or data. The famous ‘Baidu Rank’ is actually a community devised measurement on how popular a website is with Baidu based on the popularity of the keywords associated with the website, and how well the website ranks on Baidu with those keywords.

In recent years Baidu Rank (BR) has been commonly accepted within the Chinese SEO community to be a reasonable measurement of the performance of a website within Baidu (also Alexa rank, to an much lesser extent). We will go into more details on the importance of BR in later blog posts.

Traditionally BR could only be obtained by visiting one of the authoritative Chinese SEO websites, however they are rather difficult to navigate and understand as everything is in Chinese.

Here at MyBaiduRank we have done a bit of code jigging and translation to provide you a tool to check the BR rank of your website, from the eyes of SEO in China

You can check out the tool here @

Baidu Page Rank Checker v0.1
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