First and foremost important factors for Baidu on-page SEO is TKD. What is TKD you ask? It’s the Chinese SEO community’s reference for the HTML Title, Keywords and Description meta tags.

Title – title is the single most important factor for Baidu SERP. Even with great content, a poorly chosen Title tag could destroy any chance of receiving attention from Baidu. The general guideline is to pick two different main keywords to be included in the site title, as well as the brand name with no more than 30 characters. For example the recently launched “择名网” has the below title tag:

英文取名网 在线英文取名 资料大全 – 首选择名网

Where “英文取名网” and “在线英文取名” are the chosen long tail keywords, and “择名网” is the brand name. The title tag is weighed (the most) heavily in the ranking of a website

Keywords – this is a little controversial as Google is reported to no longer use this meta tag, however it still holds significant value for Baidu and China for two reasons

  1. The tag increases the density for chosen keyword and is taken into the calculations done by Baidu
  2. The tag is used in site rank evaluation by the Chinese community, which plays a large role in links exchange (this will be discussed later)

Description – a good description for your site will increase the likelihood of users clicking on your link, as well as provide significant SEO weighting to your site with appropriate keyword inclusion. It is recommended to write no more than 150 characters (we’ve found  around 80 characters looks the most optimal). Make sure to include the main keywords in the Title but only once. Baidu is less strict than Google on keyword stacking however repeating any keywords more than twice in the TKD could potentially down-rank your site.


Baidu on-page SEO part 1
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