Before we jump into how to optimise for Baidu, it’s worthwhile going through the important terms that will be used throughout the blogs. Below are a list of key words relating to Baidu SEO for future references (includes some common SEO basics):

  • TKD – Title, Keywords, Description. This is the Meta tag which you set the basic details on a page of your website.
  • Indexed page – similar to Google, your webpage will only show up on Baidu SERP if it has been indexed by Baidu
  • Indexed keyword – the keywords that your website has been associated with in Baidu search results
  • Keyword density – the number of times your keyword appears in the content of a page as a fraction of total number of words on the page (MyBaiduRank suggests an approximate ideal value of 2%)
  • Baidu keyword – a certain phrase which has been submitted to Baidu as a metric to track website traffic, at the cost of the submitter
  • Baidu index – the popularity of a certain keyword as seen by Baidu (you can check it here), measured as a number (which can range from 1-5000+)
  • Baidu (Page) Rank (BR) – a community driven measure of the popularity of a site in the eyes of Baidu, analogous to Google’s Page Rank. Also on a scale of 0-9 where 9 is the highest
  • Baidu Keyword Rank – when searching for certain keywords, the rank at which your website has been returned in Baidu SERP. The higher the better, with 1 being the top
  • Baidu traffic – the amount of traffic that has been derived from Baidu SERP, measured in number of unique IPs
  • Fellowship link – a strategy which is very prominent in Chinese websites, where links to each other are swapped and kept near the footer of the home page. This is aimed at sharing crawler traffic between sites and mutually increasing BR
  • Backlink – links from other websites to your website
  • Anchor text – the text which is shown on hyperlinks
  • Internal link – links on your website to another part of your own site

We will keep this list updated should we find more Baidu related SEO phrases, before proceeding with other MyBaiduRank blogs we would recommend familiarising yourself with the basic HTML structure and components (Alt tags, Title tags, Heading tags etc).


Baidu SEO Glossary