A very important part of optimising for Baidu is controlling the keyword density, ie. how many times your keywords appear on each of your web pages.

There is no consensus for the exact value, some recommend 2-8%, some say up to 20% is fine, others say keep it below 5%.

MyBaiduRank believes we should not be targeting a set value, but instead make sure the content on the page flows appropriately and keywords should appear naturally and organically instead of being added for the sake of having it – search engines are getting better at analysing content and stacking keywords may cost you in terms of SERP – especially for Baidu.

However just to appease the inner engineer in all of us, we do have a ball-park figure of roughly 2% in the presented content on a web page as a rule of thumb, any thing too far below would dilute the purpose of the page and anything too far above will risk suspicion.

We will go into details on on-site SEO in later blogs, right now we have launched a tool to analyse the keyword density on the most important page of your site – the homepage.

MyBaiduRank has just released the keyword density analysis tool tailored for Chinese content, it will check each of the keywords you’ve outlined in the keywords meta and verify against the page’s presented content

You can check out the tool here @ http://mybaidurank.com/keyword-density-analysis/

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Keyword Density Analysis v0.1